Uncovering 5 Unique Academic Pursuits Worldwide


Apparently there are some campuses that give the strangest and most unique majors to be studied by their students, it may sound strange but without knowing it, some knowledge is very useful in our daily life. Some of the most unique majors include:



This course will teach you how to lead the auction process, auction strategies, auction laws, and communication in auctions. Students with this major can seek a career as an auctioneer, or as an assistant collector who often participates in auctions. The major is quite hard to find, but one of the universities that offers it is Vincennes University, USA.


2. Comic Art

The Comic Art major will teach you how to develop a good and professional comic. The students of this major will be trained in the ability to make lines, colors, composition, to the development of storylines, plots, and characters. This major can currently only be found at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, USA.


3. Mortuary Science

The study here is about the phases of a funeral as well as the proper ways of welfare and safety for those who have died. Working in a mortuary, hospital or becoming a forensic officer are all possible jobs. Working in a mortuary, hospital or becoming a forensic officer are all possible jobs. You can find this major in Salt Lake College, Southern Illinois University, etc.


4. Ecogastronomy

Ecogastronomy is the science of how food and the environment intersect and influence each other. Sustainable agriculture, health, nutrition are all things that can be learned from this major. The University of New Hampshire in the United States offers a major in Ecogastronomy. This major prepares them for more specialized jobs in the food industry.


5. Foresight

A futurist is not a time traveler or psychic but a person who studies trends and changes systematically and scientifically about what might happen in the future. One of the campuses that offer Foresight majors is the University of Houston, USA.

Those are the 5 most unique majors in the world, are you considering to join one of them?


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