Pandawara Group: Transforming Indonesia’s Environment to Be Better


Pandawara Group is the name of one group of Indonesian boys from Bandung, West Java. This group’s name started to be known by many people since they started cleaning up various rivers and beaches in several regions in Indonesia.

Pandawara Group have 5 members, named Gilang, Ikhsan, Rafly, Rifqi, and Agung. According to several sources, the grup has cleaned up 620 tons of waste in 187 places in many areas in Indonesia since 2022.

Currently, Pandawara Group is known as a group of environmental activists. Their actions have been memorialized on Instagram and TikTok social media. They have 2.4 million followers and 8.4 million followers on TikTok.

The action they took was a form of motivation in order to fight for a better environment. This motivation is their main motivation because they have felt the effects of environmental damage that resulted in flooding. They promised, as long as they’re still able, they wont stop do action and fight for the environment.

Their journey resulted in the awarding of Changemakers out of the Year at the 2023 TikTok Awards Indonesia, for bringing positive change to Indonesia’s environment. Also, in November 2023 Pandawara Group also got the opportunity to visit the cleanest country in the world, Denmark. They were there for 18 days and have visited two cities, such as Copenhagen and Odense.

They learned about How Denmark protect their environment and managed their waste. They got an opportunity to visit some recycling centers and landfills.

Hopefully, their presence can become the pioneers for the actors of environmental cleanliness, specifically for Indonesian people’s understanding of environmental cleanliness.

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