The Netherlands

Amsterdam, think of tulips, Rembrandt, Delft Blue earthenware, windmills or modern cosmopolitan cities with multicultural communities and Netherlands comes to mind.

The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy. A Bicameral Parliament benignly governs the country and sits in The Hague. Though it is a small, flat country with an area of only 41,500 km2 and a population of only 16.5 million, the Netherlands offers a diversity of views as you traverse it from the North to the South and from the West to the East.

The name Netherlands stands for below lying earth and unsurprisingly, 40% of the country’s surface area is located below sea level. Unofficial name of the Netherlands is Holland. It usually used in stead of the Netherlands. More than 40% of the population lives in an agglomeration of cities comprised of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague and Utrecht.

Dutch house

The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. Known as much for art as for commerce, Amsterdam grew into a global trade centre, growing hugely rich, its riches reflected in its architectural masterpieces that even today entice the whole world. Today Amsterdam is home to over 780000 people from 180 different countries — a true melting pot of the world’s cultures.

Dutch is the official language and English is commonly spoken since the country promotes communication in two languages.

Holland has one of the most open economies in the world and ranks fifth as a global exporter. Stork, Heineken, Shell, Akzo Nobel, Uniliver, ING Group and Philips are a few of the giant Dutch companies with a global presence. While Rotterdam is famed for being the largest seaport, Amsterdam proudly has Schiphol, one of the largest and busiest airports in the world.

Climate in the Netherlands is moderate, averaging 1 to 3 degrees C in January and 18 to 19 deg. C. in July. Travel is always a soul lifting experience, whether it is in modern well laid out cities or the rolling, verdant countryside, often carpeted with a landscape of vivid flowers.

The Netherlands is located in the heart of Europe and attracts students from all over the world and it offers a diverse environment, vibrant and limitless opportunities. There are just over half a million students in higher education today. And about 42,000 have chosen to come from other countries to study there.

So, why study in the Netherlands? There are several reason why the students opt to study in The Netherlands

  1. Dutch universities offer programmes in English. The Netherlands is known as the first non-English speaking country in Europe which provide their higher education study programmes in English to accommodate the international students.
  1. Quality of Education. The Netherlands education system has been recognized as one of the most forward-thinking and knowledge centre with rich study traditions and well-known universities. And also there were some Indonesia founding father graduated from Holland, such as Moh. Hatta, Ki Hajar Dewantara etc.
  1. Multicultural environment. The people of the Netherlands consist of many ethnics and come from many countries and living together in peace and harmony. The Netherlands is known for its social tolerance, a multicultural and open society. It is an attractive country to live in and the majority of Dutch people speak English
  1. Affordable tuition fee. The tuition fees offered by the Dutch institution are relatively low compare to other European country as well as the living cost. The annual tuition fee for a degree program or course in The Netherlands starts from €4,500. Besides that, there are some scholarships offered from those universities which can reduce the annual fees or fully covered.
  1. The Gateway of Europe. The Netherlands often describes as the gateway to Europe. It’s only about 3 hours driving to Paris. One and a half hours to Brussels as well as to Köln.

In general, The Netherlands has a worldwide reputation for its high quality standards especially higher education being the 9th best in the world, which is achieved through a national system of regulation and quality assurance. And also the Netherlands is ranked 12th according to the Index of Economic Freedom.

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