6 Best Reasons to Study in the USA


1. Flexibility in Declaring A Major 

The system of higher education in the United States is well known for its flexibility. Students can choose their majors and, even design their own programs of study with various combinations of courses.

A few universities in the United States also provide double degree programs or an opportunity to take courses in different majors. It offers students a way to gain further knowledge. Some universities such as University of California, Columbia University, University of Florida have their unique and specialized programs of study, like: Mortuary Science, Auctioneering, Video Game Studies, Magic & Occult Science.

Moreover, the US campus system offers a regular focus on practical skills development, internships, and research opportunities. It helps students to prepare themselves for their future careers.


2. Range of General Education Classes

Throughout the USA campus system, general education classes are designed to present students with a wide educational foundation beyond their major.

They aim to develop intellectual skills, mastery of the fundamentals of knowledge, and the ability to think critically.

Some of the common features of the Range of General Education Classes in USA colleges:

A) Core Requirements: Almost all students are required to complete a number of core courses.

B) Diversity and Inclusion: General education in USA often includes courses that emphasize diversity and inclusivity. Students may be expected to take classes that will expand their knowledge of culture, race, religion, and global perspectives.

C) General Skills: General skills such as writing, public speaking, and critical thinking are often prioritized in general education classes.

D) Interdisciplinary: Some general education courses are designed to involve an interdisciplinary approach, combining concepts from different fields of study.


3. Emphasis on Internships & Career Advancement

There are many college programs in America which encourage or even require students to take part in internships as part of their curriculum. Internships provide students with hands-on experience in the workplace and allow them to apply the knowledge they gain in the classroom to real work situations.

US Colleges also have career centers that are dedicated to supporting students in career planning, job search, and developing the skills necessary for success in the job market. Career centers organize workshops, seminars, and provide resources and support to help students identify career opportunities and prepare themselves for the recruitment process.

This emphasis on internships and career advancement is a response to demand from a world of employment that increasingly values practical experience and applied skills. These help students not only graduate with a degree, but also with strong preparation to step into the professional world.


4. Diverse Student Population on Campus

US colleges often have students from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Students can interact with people of different ethnic backgrounds, learn about their cultures, and gain a better understanding of the world.

In addition, some campuses in the United States are also increasingly focusing on inclusivity for students with disabilities. This can include providing accessible physical facilities, additional academic support, and efforts to create a friendly environment for all individuals.

These diversities create a rich and supportive environment for students. They can learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives, build a greater understanding of society, and develop the interpersonal skills necessary to interact with individuals from different backgrounds.


5. Specialised Services and Support for International Students

US colleges are generally aware of the special needs that international students have and provide a range of services and support to keep their study running smoothly.

Here are some of the specialized services and support generally offered to international students on American campuses:

a) International Center: Many campuses have international centers that provide resources and information for international students. These centers are usually the place to go for administrative assistance, visa information, and support related to living.

b) Living accommodation: Some campuses provide housing or accommodation facilities specifically for international students.

c) Academic Counseling: International students can access academic counseling services to help them navigate the curriculum, understand degree requirements, and develop effective study strategies.

d) International Student Wellness Support: Welfare services are often provided to help international students overcome personal and emotional challenges. This can include counseling, financial support, and assistance in navigating the healthcare system in the US.


Above are the 5 best reasons why you should consider America as your destination for further study. For more information about studying abroad or others, you can contact us by visiting our instagram. You can get a free consultation through +62 812-1268-6969 or come directly to Head Office of Eduplan Indonesia – Tangerang Office.

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