Running by some professionals who has outstanding experiences in recruiting students

EduPlan Indonesia is an education consultant which working in the field of students recruitment in Indonesia for European Higher Education institution across Europe. This company running by some professionals who has outstanding experiences in recruiting students especially for European institutions and also has proven records which enable us to provide some solutions for students who will continue their study in Europe.


We have a commitment to assist every student in terms of accessing or gaining some valuable information regarding how to study in Europe and other countries. We always maintained the highest degree of integrity, so that providing advice and counseling to prospective students have never been based on commercial considerations.
And we believe that every human being has equal rights to learn through a proper and well education which enabling them to achieve their dreams and reach their potential in whatever they aim to do.


To be trusted and market leader in providing one-stop study abroad solutions for the students and help them achieve their goals through proper career counseling & guidance, to add value for our partner institutions and all other stakeholders.


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Yunius Cesar

Business Development Manager

    Yosua William Chandra

    Education Manager

      Primadi W. Soerjosoemanto

      Development Manager

        Devi Novianti

        Finance Manager

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