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Many nations claim to be “the heart of Europe”, but Belgium may be closest to the truth: The small, cosmopolitan nation played an important role in shaping the Europe we know today, and its capital, Brussels, is the seat of the European Union government. With many study options available, Belgium is also an exciting destination for international students.

Belgium as a whole does not have as much of a common national identity as many other countries because it is divided into two distinct areas, Flanders and Wallonia. The Flemish are the inhabitants of Flanders and they speak Dutch; Wallonia, on the other hand, is predominantly French speaking. Because of this, there is no national television or newspaper that caters for everyone, and each region keeps pretty much to themselves, including within the field of education. You will find that whichever university you choose, it will be either Flemish or Walloon, and although there are many courses taught in English, the other main language will always be either Dutch or French but rarely both.

The country prides itself on its medieval art cities such as Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Liège, Mons and Tournai. Due to its central location and its excellent transport system the other megalopolises of Western Europe such as London, Paris, or Amsterdam, are only a one or two hours train journey away. The capital Brussels is one of the world’s great super diverse cities, home to the main institutions of the European Union, with a very high number of embassies, international organisations and multinational companies, and a large and diverse expat community.

Studying in Belgium is going to be an amazing experience for international students for several reasons:

  • You can easily travel during term time and holidays. Use public transport for day trip to Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, etc. Or travel to neighbouring countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, France or Luxembourg.
  • You will get to learn and master multiple languages because Belgium is famous for its multilingual residents who speak Dutch, French, German, and many local dialects.
  • You will be surrounded by internationals, both on and off campus, especially if you’re studying in the capital city Brussels.
  • Education in Belgium is affordable and top notch
  • You will have unlimited access to Belgium’s world-famous Beers, Fries, and Waffles. Need we say more?!
  • Each Belgian city is uniquely different, from modern Antwerp to historically charming Bruges.
  • It’s the land of festivals! From Tomorrowland to Rock Werchter, you can enjoy yourself a lot with your new friends

Higher Education System

Belgium’s educational institutions, of which some date back to the Middle Ages, are known worldwide for their outstanding academic reputation. They offer the broad range of study programmes from bioengineering to fine arts, from aeronautics to nuclear medicine. There are three types of higher education institutions in Belgium: universities, universities of applied sciences and postgraduate training institutions.

In the Flemish Higher Education system Schools of Arts are integrated in the universities of applied sciences and arts. An ever growing number of institutions of higher learning provides programmes in English, mainly at master level, but also at bachelor level. The higher education system in Belgium is part of the so-called European Higher Education Area and comprises three ‘cycles’:  the first encompasses Bachelor programmes, the second, Master programmes, and the third, PhDs.


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