Computer Science, One of The Most Popular Major Nowadays

Have You Ever Heard of Computer Science Major?

Of course, in an era that is increasingly sophisticated and developing, you are familiar with the name computer science. 

Currently, the development of computer science is growing rapidly around the world which is also supported by the shift of companies and industries based on data and technology. Almost all industries need computer science graduates to organize their web pages, applications, and create internal databases in the company. 

Not only that, computer science is also very much needed in the business world as an analysis base for decision making through machine learning. Besides, Computer Science is one of the flexible fields that can be applied to many fields. 

Basically, if you join this major, you will learn how to make computers do things that users want them to do. You will meet a study topics, such as: software design and maintenance, distributed systems, human-computer interaction, computational modeling, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, programming languages, image processing, and computer graphics.

Also, Studying computer science can stimulate students’ ability to create new innovations. This can encourage students because the scope of learning and development in this scientific field is very unlimited. 

What Job Opportunities are Offered ?

You don’t need to worry about what you will become when you graduate from computer science. Since this graduate is one of those needed with many job opportunities because it can go into all industries. Some of the professions that you can choose when you graduate, such as : 

  • Programmer 
  • Software or Web Developer 
  • IT Project Manager
  • Computer Hardware or Application Engineer
  • Game Creator 

After reading the series of sentences above, you will definitely know more about computer science majors. With so many opportunities available, studying computer science will definitely be a very promising asset for your career. Good Luck!

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