JMC Academy: One of The Best Music Institution, Located in Australia


Are you looking for music institution? Currently, there are many young generations wants to learn more about music and other things which related to the world of entertainment and creative working. We suggest you one of the best music institution in Australia which graduated many success people before.

JMC Academy

is a higher education institution in Australia that focuses on creative arts, technology, and media. They offer programs in areas such as music, film, television, gaming, animation, design, and entertainment business. Now, JMC Academy has three main campuses in Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

There’s a lot of majors in JMC Academy, such as:

  • Acting
  • Animations
  • Audio Engineering and Sound Production
  • Design (visual communication)
  • Entertainment Business Management
  • Stage Management
  • Film and Television Production
  • Game Design
  • Music Production
  • Music Theatre
  • Songwriting
  • Creative Industries
  • ETC

JMC programs are designed to give students strong practical experience, with a focus on industry-relevant skills and the development of creativity. Students have access to their facilities and state of the art equipment, also get the opportunity to work with teaching staff made up of experienced industry practitioners.

Moreover, JMC Academy also offers opportunities for internships and industry collaborations, allowing students to build their professional network and gain first-hand insight into the creative industry. With a good reputation for preparing students for careers in the creative and media arts, JMC Academy is a popular choice for those interested in pursuing a career in the creative industry.

That’s all for JMC Academy short explanation, for fully information about JMC, you can browse on their official website. If you still curious and have a lot of question about this university or others, you can contact us by visiting our instagram. You can get a free consultation through +62 812-1268-6969 or come directly to Head Office of Eduplan Indonesia – Tangerang Office

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