Bachelor of Arts (BA) VS Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science Programs


We often hear the term bachelor of arts (BA) and bachelor of science (BS) in computer science majors. For those of you who haven’t understood computer science majors. We have discussed in the previous article. You can read first, before switching to this article.

Many schools, such as the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston) in USA offer both a bachelor of arts (BA) and a bachelor of science (BS) in computer science majors. So,

What’s The Difference?


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

in Computer Science often highlight an interdisciplinary aspect. This may include additional courses in the humanities, arts, or social sciences, such as languages, literature, philosophy, or psychology. The (BA) often emphasizes a broader understanding of computing and its application in social and cultural contexts.

The goals of the BA in Computer Science are probably centered more on developing critical thinking, creativity, and understanding the social context of technology. This may be suitable for those interested in the application of technology in fields such as design, digital arts, or education.

(BA) in Computer Science, usually :

1. Functions more like a computer science liberal arts degree, and includes a more diverse course load with classes in humanities, social sciences, and foreign languages
2. Generally requires fewer computer science-based hours to graduate
3. Provides a solid education in computer science without any specific concentration




Bachelor of Science (BS)

in Computer Science programs tend to focus more on mathematics, natural sciences, and technicalities. The curriculum may be heavier than (BA) programs, because they put an emphasis to understand some of the subject as a mathematics, statistics, pure computer science, and software or hardware engineering. The (BS) programs includes more laboratory practices and technical courses, it designed to deep understanding of the computer technology.

The goal of a BS in Computer Science is often focused more on preparing for a career in the technology industry or academic research. BS degrees are often sought by those interested in software development, computer security, artificial intelligence, or research in computer science.

(BS) in Computer Science, usually :

1. Involves fewer general education requirements (although you will still take some classes outside of your major)
2. Builds a better understanding of technical and practical computer science applications
3. Gives more opportunities to specialize


So, that’s all for the short explanation between the differences of the BA and BS in Computer Science. It’s important to note that both still provide a solid foundation in basic computer science concepts. The choice between BA and BS should be considered by ourself, based on an individual’s personal interests, career goals, and academic needs. Good Luck!

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