The Benefit of Study Abroad On Students’ Career and Self Development


In today’s era, many young people in Indonesia are continuing their studies abroad. By that the Indonesian government is very supportive of this step, by providing a wide selection of scholarship programs that can be followed by all students. There are also many universities in Indonesia that cooperate with universities abroad to make the study exchange program successful.

Actually, why do you have to go abroad? What is the difference with studying in Indonesia? Why do students have to feel the sensation of studying abroad?

Study abroad is known to provide many benefits for students, including experiences that serve to educate and provide a lot of new knowledge and valuable lessons.

One of the most significant benefits is the effect that studying abroad can have on a student’s career and personal development. Moreover, some of the new aspects and experiences you will get when studying abroad, based on stories from alumni who have completed their studies abroad, such as:

1.Foreign language skills

Studying abroad provides an opportunity for students to improve their foreign language skills, both through lectures and life on campus as well as in daily life in the destination country.

2. Work experience

In addition to your education, you can also work in the interim during your studies. This can provide valuable international work experience, as well as expanding your network of contacts and opportunities to work abroad in the future.

3. Intercultural skills

Studying abroad allows you to interact with people from different cultures. This can help develop your intercultural skills and ability to work with people from different cultural backgrounds.

4. Increased self-confidence

Studying abroad can also help boost students’ self-confidence, as it requires you to be able to adapt to a new environment. It is also beneficial for developing students’ independence and resilience in dealing with problems.

5. Career opportunities

Some of your experience and skills gained during study abroad can provide a great advantage in competing in the international job market. Generally, alumni who have completed study abroad will be able to adapt more quickly to changes.

Above all, the experiences that students gain while studying abroad can help them to become more independent, skillful individuals, and have a broad understanding of the global world.

Therefore, students who are interested in enhancing their career and self-development should consider studying abroad. No need to be confused, just contact us by visiting our instagram. Also, you can get a free consultation through +62 812-1268-6969 or just come directly to EduPlan Indonesia office. 

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