6 Types of Visas in Australia You Should Know About


Australia is one of the most popular countries for Indonesian students to continue their education. The reason is not only close proximity, but also a high level of security and a comfortable living environment.

Before leaving, you must prepare some documents. The most important thing is to have a visa according to the purpose of your arrival.

There are various types of visas available for people who wants to visit or stay in Australia, including:

Tourist visa

This visa is granted to people visiting Australia for the purpose of tourism, family vacation, or business activities of short duration.

Student visa

This visa is issued to those who wants to study in Australia for an extended period of time.

Work visa

This visa is delivered to anyone who wants to work in Australia temporarily or permanently.

Partner visa

This visa is granted to spouses or Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

Citizenship visa

This visa is issued to people who wants to become an Australian citizens.

Skill visa

This visa is delivered to an individuals with specific skills or expertise sought by the Australian government and businesses.


Moreover, there are several other types of visas for special plan, such as: visas for temporary employment, visas for athletes and artists, also visas for people who wants to invest in Australia.

Hopefully, this article can help understand those of you who are still confused about visas that valid in Australia.

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