Cultural Insights and Adaptations for International Students in the UK


If you’re planning to study in the UK, there’s more than just textbooks and courses to learn. Most importantly, you need to be aware of the culture in the UK and be prepared to explore the traditions, social norms, and discover the exciting differences of this country !


1. Manners and Etiquette


The UK society places a high value on etiquette and politeness. It is important that you always use appropriate greetings, such as “please” and “thank you”, and always follow the lines and culture


2. Varied traditions and festivals


The UK has a rich variety of traditions and festivals. Some popular traditions like: Guy Fawkes Night, Trooping the Colour, which can help us understand the local culture and we can also take part in that festival or tradition.


3. Sports


Sports including soccer, rugby, tennis and cricket are very popular in the UK. You can also begin to explore local sports and try out hobbies that people in the UK enjoy, to help you adapt and interact with the local people.


4. Multiculturalism


The UK is a multicultural country with diverse communities. As a foreigner there, we have to respect and appreciate the cultural diversity and learn about their culture.


5. Transportation


Being familiar with the transportation system and how to use public transportation cards such as Oyster cards or Oyster cards will help you move around the city. Uk is well known for its public transportation such as buses, trains, and the London Underground which are used daily by its citizens.


Above are some of the UK cultures that you must adopt when you really want to study there. Appreciating and adapting to the UK culture will help you to have a more meaningful experience while studying there.

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