Several Documents You Must Prepare for Study Overseas

What are the documents that must be prepared for studying overseas ?

Study overseas is a desire and everyone’s dream, certainly requires considerable effort to realize it. To make that happen, requires careful preparation, because it is not something that can be completed in one or two days.

Studying at foreign universities, you must prepare several documents and certificates as a condition of studying overseas.

First, a passport is the most important thing to bring when traveling abroad. Also,
passports are an administrative requirement for applying to college, universities or
scholarship applications.

Secondly, you should be applying for a visa, depending on what countries you studied in. As a student, you need a student visa which has specific duration. Generally, it depends on the period of study you are taking. Before that, you are required to have checking account savings and willing to do an interview with the embassy.

Thirdly, high school transcript or last education diploma, both of these academic
documents are required when you decide to apply at universities abroad. Make sure that your transcripts and certificates have been translated to English!

Fourthly, Certificate of language skills, often called International English Language
Testing System (IELTS). You can get the certificate by taking tests at several informal
education institutions. Besides, you have to make sure they are valid when you submit them to the university, since IELTS certificates have a specific validity date.

Last, is preparing a Motivation Letter, especially if you want to apply in UK or USA
university. You don’t need to be wordy or excessive, make it brief, concise and
structured. Build your vision, mission and a strong reason why you choose to study
abroad, your choice about the university and major in written form. Make sure your
English Grammar is correct, before sending the final of your motivation letter

Those are the important documents that you must prepare to apply for study overseas. Don’t let you fail the administrative selection, just because of incomplete document requirements. Good Luck!

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