What Should You Do to Make Friends While Studying Abroad? Find Out The Tips!


Some of you may be afraid of experiencing culture shock, confused about what if you don’t have friends when studies abroad. Don’t be concerned, here some ways to make friends while you are studying abroad:

1. Attend a new student orientation event

Many universities organize orientation events for new students, where there are usually introductory sessions, as well as various social activities aimed at helping new students get to know each other.

2. Join campus organizations or activities

Join an organizations, club or sports community that interests you to meet and get to know people who have the same interests.

3. Connect with international students

Many universities have international students, and they may have difficulty adjusting to different cultures. You can help them adapt, and this also serves to expand your network of friends.

4. Use social media

Use social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and many more, to find out about other students who are studying at the same university or in the same city as you.

5. Join social events in the city where you study

Actively participate in social events such as concerts, festivals, shows or exhibitions to meet new people in your city.


Overall, making friends or getting along with new people takes time and effort. Importantly is you don’t have to be afraid to start conversations and introduce yourself to new people.

Always be open and friendly, don’t hesitate to try new things. Good Luck!

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