Rolingka Angelina, University of Wollongong Australia


Meet our students,

Rolingka Angelina who is currently studying Master of Business Analytics and Marketing at University of Wollongong, Australia and this is her story:

“I’m Rolingka Angelina. I recently moved to Australia to study Master of Business Analytics and Marketing. Prior moving to Australia, I lived in Singapore and reconnected with Yosua from EduPlan. Thanks to him, I was able to push my application through. He assisted me on my application and visa as well. 

UOW was the only university that I applied for, initially, but since the process took awhile, Yosua advised me to also apply for another university, which was ICMS. I was quite shocked as I received a successful application email less than 5 days. However, my mind was set to get into UOW as they offer the exact master programs that I wanted.

I am truly grateful for having such a fantastic opportunity here in UOW, meet new people, learn new cultures, blend in to the local culture, and exploring new things that I have never had a chance to before. At UOW, everyone respect everyone’s opinion, feedback to improve, and thrive together for a better education environment. I feel encourage to speak up my opinions because what I say and do, matters to my surrounding.

Most parents always worried about the safety within the campus/ university accommodation/ Wollongong in general, fret not because in UOW campus and accommodation, UOW have security personnel patrol around every time and easy to be contacted for any emergency/ unsafe situation. However, of course, we still have to do our part to make sure that we are safe and not to get into trouble.

Academically, UOW is recognized as the world rank education. Through my 6 months studying at UOW, all my professors are reachable for discussion or feedback session for my assessments. They are knowledgeable and share their experiences with the students.

However, there are also students who are more comfortable to reach out to fellow students / tutor. That is why UOW also provide co-op learning, studiosity, and CABLE group (Chinese Academic Business Learning & Education). Studiosity is an amazing online service that UOW provide for students freely and 24/7 for guidance and feedback on student’s academic skills.

In addition to all the academic activities, I need to credit UOW big time for their student engagement and activities on campus. Every single day, there is always something going on, such as Monday trivia night, free lunch on the lawn, breaky bar, market alley, wellness Wednesday, free sports, and many more.

Many events at UOW run by students who volunteer through pulse volunteer. It has been an unforgettable journey for me to volunteer with PULSE and showed my involvement in UOW matters for others’ experiences. All in all, I have been enjoying my time here in UOW and Australia in general. I can’t wait for you to experience the same as well!”

Besides that, she is also part of the leadership team and these are the university’s major events and sustainability, volunteering. These events are like opening day, orientation day, etc.

Yep, that was all about Rolingka’s story on how her journey to make the decision of continuing her studies at Wollongong University.

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