Beautiful and Modern Campus in Washington DC, United States: The American University (AU)


The American University (AU) is a private university which located in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States. The campus is known for its emphasis on the humanities and social sciences.

One of AU’s strengths is its strategic location in Washington, DC. This allows students to take advantage of all the city’s resources and opportunities. Also, AU has a beautiful and modern campus with a variety of facilities including a library, fitness center, exercise facility and art center.

The university offers over 160 undergraduate and graduate degrees, including programs in business, law, international relations, communications, arts and social sciences. AU faculty members are recognized in their fields and often consist of professors with experience in industry or the government sector.

Besides, AU notoriously competitive for new students, so prospective students need to be well prepared.

Above all, American University (AU) is an attractive university for students interested in social sciences and international relations who want to gain practical skills through an internship program. AU is a politically and socially important city, offering a dynamic and vibrant environment.

You can check on their website for further information about The American University (AU).

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