List of Scholarships Provided by the Indonesian Government. Take a Good Look!


Starting last year in 2023, the Government of Indonesia introduced several list of Scholarship program as an opportunity to improve education access for the young potentials and talented students from all over Indonesia.

This scholarship provides a golden opportunity for Indonesian students to continue their education to a higher level in foreign countries.

Within this program, the government offers several types of scholarships to students who want to study for a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.

Scholarship participants will receive benefits that cover the cost of education, including tuition fees and a stipend. The scholarship also provides opportunities for internships or work experience related to the subject of interest.

However, this scholarship from the Indonesian government also has several requirements that can be fulfill by the recipient candidate before applying. one of the requirements is the student certificate which contains the results of the IELTS score (English language test).

Some scholarship programs that can be applied for by students in Indonesia


1. Kominfo Scholarship (Beasiswa Kominfo)

Kominfo scholarship opens registration for overseas master scholarship programs in 5 (five) study destination countries, namely: China, India, the Netherlands, Hungary and Japan.


2. Indonesia Maju Scholarship (Beasiswa Indonesia Maju – BIM)

Indonesia Maju Scholarship is an undergraduate preparation program abroad. There are 145 social projects initiated by the participants which are divided into several major themes, such as Economy, Environment, Health, Education, Socio-Culture, and Technology.


3. The Academic Higher Education Scholarship (Beasiswa Perguruan Tinggi Akademik – PTA)

The Academic Higher Education Scholarship is a scholarship program from the Indonesian government for lecturers and potential lecturers who are planning to continue their education to the master’s or doctoral level. This program aims to improve academic qualifications of lecturers and prospective lecturers.


4. The Indonesian Education Scholarship (Beasiswa Pendidikan Indonesia – BPI)

The Indonesian Education Scholarship is a scholarship program from the Indonesian government for all Indonesian citizens who meet the requirements, especially prospective vocational teachers, outstanding students, teachers, lecturers, educators and cultural workers.

This scholarship provides a choice of Bachelor (S1), Master (S2), and Doctoral (S3) levels which aim to improve the ability and competence of Indonesian human resources in order to support the acceleration of Indonesia’s development.

Moreover, It also provides scholarship recipients with disabilities. Among them are funds for visa applications, transportation, health insurance, and allowances for companions who accompany scholarship recipients.


5. LPDP Scholarship (Beasiswa Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan – LPDP)

LPDP Scholarship is a scholarship program funded by the Indonesian government through the utilization of the National Education Development Fund (DPPN) managed by the Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) for financing higher education in master’s programs or doctoral programs at the best universities, both at home and abroad.

LPDP Scholarship consist of various programs, namely Affirmation Scholarships, Targeted Scholarships, Regular Scholarships, and Collaboration Scholarships:

Affirmation Scholarships consist of Special Needs/Disabled Scholarships, Affirmation Regional Scholarships, Underprivileged Scholarships, Santri Scholarships. Targeted Scholarships are divided into Civil Servant, TNI, and Polri Scholarships, and Entrepreneurship Scholarships.

– Regular Scholarships consist of Regular Scholarships, World Premier Universities (PTUD) Scholarships, and Co-funding Scholarships. This Regular Scholarship is a type of scholarship that is commonly used by master’s and doctoral program students who wish to continue their education abroad.

– Collaborative Scholarships are scholarships related to the activities of the Ministry of Education and Culture such as scholarships for teachers, lecturers, and educators, as well as outstanding student scholarship programs.

Also, LPDP scholarship are Available for education levels:
– Master Program single degree/joint degree or double degree with a maximum duration of study funding of 24 (twenty-four) months.
– Doctoral Program single degree/joint degree or double degree with a maximum duration of study funding of 48 (forty-eight) months.


Above is a list of 5 scholarships provided by the Indonesian government for those of you who are local citizens. Register yourself immediately so that you can study as high as possible!

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