How to Find New Insights and Develop Yourself Through Podcasts


Do you often listen to podcasts? Nowadays podcasts have made it into the lifestyle of many people, besides doing their activities, people do it while listening to podcasts. We can listen to podcasts while doing homework or driving the car. Podcasts are popular with the public, because they present audio content that is provided in a relaxed and entertaining manner.

There are many things you can listen to through podcasts, you can start adapting to the content you like from chit-chat, educational, health, romance to religious content. It turns out that listening to podcasts has many positive benefits, apart from being able to cheer you up.

The 2016 UC Berkeley Study Natural speech reveals the semantic maps that tile the human cerebral cortex, published in Nature, proved that.

The study found that listening to narrative stories (such as podcasts) can stimulate many parts of the brain, as reported by Good House Keeping. When you listen to a podcast about meditation, for example, your brain will produce the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is often associated with empathy, trust, and building relationships. Plus, it’s proven to relieve stress.


1. Knowledge and Learnings

Podcasts offer a wide range of content, from news, culture, business, technology, to inspirational stories. You can widen your own knowledge on a particular topic or learn a new skill from that.

2. Personal Development

Podcasts offer content that is designed to assist for personal development, such as knowledge about mental health, communication skills, time management, success strategies and other fields.

3. Community and Connection

Listening to the same podcast with other people can be an experience that strengthens social bonds. You can discuss the recent episode with friends or even join online communities that discuss on specific episode of the podcasts.

4. Stimulates Our Brain

Listening to a podcast can stimulates our brain to take an information in the same way that reading a book does. In addition, listening to podcasts can help your brain to generate a clearer picture in our brain, much faster and easier than books. This makes you feel more emotionally stimulated and interested in the story or narrative of the podcast.

5. Bring The Inspiration Vibes

Many podcasts contain personal interviews with inspirational figures, successful entrepreneurs, or experts in various fields. Listening to their experiences and insights can give you a boost of motivation and inspiration.

Well, it turns out that listening to podcasts is not only useful for filling your spare time or keep you company while working. There are so many benefits when you listen to many podcasts that you can apply to your self-development and career.

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