Looking to Apply For Scholarships? Know The Difference Between Motivation Letter and Personal Statement.


Motivation Letter and personal statement are different types of documents but often considered as the same. In fact, some opinions state that both are similar documents, it’s just the different names between two of them. 

Personal Statement

is an essay that contains a resume about the writer, including their achievements and strengths. So, in a sense, an essay which was written for the purpose of self-promotion. 

You can explain your origin, family background, educational history, and what achievements or memorable experiences you have made. It can be made relevant to the purpose of university and the chosen study program.

Also, you can tell about your skills, strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly is your plan for the future. 

All of that aims to convince the reviewer that you are the right candidate and deserves a position. Aside from that, you can give your biggest goals and desires that you will achieve if you can continue your education in that major. 

The language style and delivery of personal statements are known to be more relaxed and expressive.


Motivation Letters

focus more on personal experiences and stories that detail your interests, personality, and hopes for applying to a program. For fully information, you can read previous article which discuss further about motivation letters so you can more understand about the structure of the letters. 

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