Fasting Times in The US, How to Adapt with It?


As a student studying in the US, It may be difficult to adjust fasting times, as the time zones are very different between Indonesia and the United States.

Here are some tips for adapt fasting times in the United States:

1. Be aware of the time difference and pay attention to the correct timing

For example, if you break your fast at 6:00 PM in Indonesia, you must fast until 6:00 PM local time in the United States.

2. Collaborate with other Muslim friends on campus and in the community.

Join Muslim groups and organizations on campus and find friends who are also fasting. They have a supportive effect and facilitate fasting.

3. Don’t be afraid to talk to faculty and staff on campus about your fasting plan.

They will probably understand and will help you coordinate your schedule of lectures and assignments.

4. Watch your health and diet while fasting.

Make sure you eat nutritious food and drink plenty of water when you break your fast. If you do not feel well or feel tired, do not force yourself to rest or consult a doctor.

5. Maintains spirit and motivation during fasting.

Remember that fasting is a time of worship and self improvement. Look for activities that help you keep your spirits and motivation while fasting. You can participate in religious and social activities in the community.

We hope the above tips will help you adjust fasting times, while studying in the US. Happy fasting!

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