Soft Skill VS Hard Skill, How Hard Skills and Soft Skills Shape Personal and Professional Growth


Soft skills and hard skills are both concepts that relate to a person’s ability in many aspects of life. Although they seem to go together, they have basic differences in their character, progress, and application.

Hard skills,

is a skill that can be measured objectively. These skills involve knowledge, technical skills, or competencies that can be proven by numbers or data.

Hard skills are generally practised through formal training, courses, lessons and some practical experience that focuses on developing technical competency.

Several examples of hard skills include programming skills, foreign language fluency, math skills, graphic design, software usability expertise, and driving skills.

A successful development of hard skills can often be evaluated by tests, exams, real projects, or other standards of measurement.


Soft Skills,

refers to personality characteristics, social and interpersonal skills that can affect how a person interacts with others, solves problems and works in teams.

Soft skills mostly develop through life experiences, social interactions, as well as personal reflection and awareness of learning from experience.

Measuring one’s soft skills can be done through self-assessment, peer assessment, or observations from superiors.

The ability to communicate effectively, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, adaptability, creativity, empathy, and the ability to adapt to change are some examples of soft skills that can be found in a person.

So that’s all about how important soft and hard skills play in a person’s life, as they go hand in hand. Hard skills provide a foundation of knowledge and technical skills, while soft skills are able to effectively interact, communicate and adapt to society.

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