Have You Ever Heard about Data Science Major?


Currently, almost all important decisions are made based on data. By collecting all the relevant data, we can get valid and quality information. One of the professions involved in data professions involved in data processing is data scientist.

According to a report by the website Dice in 2020, data scientists are one of the most sought-after professions in technology and experiencing the fastest salary growth.

What is a Data Science Major? Data science is a scientific discipline that specializes in studying data, especially quantitative data, with the aim of discovering hidden patterns from the data. It is a combination of science and social science.

Other sciences that are the main support in this science are mathematics, statistics, computer science, information systems, management, information science, economics, and communication and literature science.

In essence, data science is a study program that prepares graduates to become experts who can handle data (both structured and unstructured), solve various problems, and make recommendations based on data.

What will you learn in this major? Students in this major will generally learn several things, like data analysis and computer programming, predictive modeling, statistics, calculus, and economics.

In addition, they will be educated to be able to present their findings and provide recommendations in an easy to understand format.

Students should have good analytical and logical skills, and be able to solve problems
independently. Also, they should be able to work well in a team, because data processing will involve many other professions.

Communication skills will be very useful in this major, as a data scientist, you must be able to explain their work to other divisions with clear and understandable language.

Here are some professions that related to data science graduates :

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Statistician
  • Application Architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer

That’s all about Data Science Major. It is not easy to learn, but right now this major is very
popular and widely applied in various industries. So, are you interested in joining this major? or you are stil confused about what major to choose?

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