Quarter Life Crisis: Strategies to Find Balance and Life Purpose


Definition of Quarter life crisis (QLC)

is a life change and emotional transformation that happens during the transition period from teenager to adult (18-25 years old), it can caused by many life-related choices that make individuals worried and anxious about the future. The symptoms are feeling confuse and deep insecure about their purpose and direction of life.

If a person suffers a Quarter Life Crisis in the long term and they can’t find the solution, it can lead to psychological problems such as stress, depression, lack of self-confidence, doubt in their abilities, lack of motivation, comparing themselves with others, and experiencing excessive anxiety (Robbins & Winner, 2001).

What’s The Solution?


1. Stay Away from Negative Environments

The environment and friends around us strongly influence the way we think. In order, to get through a life crisis as quickly as possible, you need a supportive environment. Find an environment surrounded by people who have a positive impact. Avoid toxic relationships that can affect your life for the worse.

2. Doing Self-Reflection

You need to appreciate and love yourself first. Self-reflection is an important stage for every individual to know more about what you believe and what you want. Therefore, you can make your choices and future with peace of mind without any influence from anyone. If needed, you can travel to visit some places, to refresh your mind.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

There’s nothing wrong with knowing and seeing the success of others, but make it a motivation to boost your spirit. Don’t let yourself compare yourself to other people’s achievements. Fuel your days with good things to find the answers of your confusion, eventually the answers will come by themselves. Keep busy by doing many positive things, so you don’t have time to compare yourself with others.

4. Always Be Grateful

Achieving peace of mind involves being grateful for everything that happens in your life. You don’t have to be grateful for big achievements and successes. There are many small things in your life that are worth being grateful for. With a lot of grateful, good things will come to you.

5. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Get out of your comfort zone and gain experience, such as: becoming a social activist, volunteer, part-time intern. You can also get to know many new people and increase your confidence by participating in many activities. Being around people who can support your dreams and goals can also be a way to deal with quarter life crisis.

For those of you who are currently in this phase, stay motivated, you can try to apply some of the methods above. Remember, that you’re not alone, as the quarter this phase will be passed by everyone. Keep Spirit!

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