Most Popular Cities in The World with Many Indonesian Students. Which City Are You?


1. Melbourne 

Melbourne has been home to more than 90,000 international students. As the capital of Australia, Melbourne is a city full of attractions that will make people’s lives very interesting. From the beautiful beaches to the city’s nightlife and sunny weather.

In addition to its diverse culture, Melbourne also offers a safe living environment with efficient transportation, diverse food options, and stunning scenery. Some of the world’s best universities are also located in the city, such as : Melbourne University, Monash University, Deakin University, RMIT University. 


2. London 

London is considered one of the best cities for studying, since its high level of security and the diversity of tourist sites make many students feel at home while studying. Besides, London is known as one of the countries with high quality education. Moreover, London has several universities that are included in the world Ranking 100 such as : Oxford University, Cambridge University Edinburgh University.


3. Amsterdam 

Amsterdam has a diverse population and is certainly open to new people from all over the world. With this diversity, it will be easier for you to interact and adapt in this country. Famous for its tulips and windmills, Amsterdam also has a long list of top universities, such as University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University Van Amsterdam, ect. 


4. Tokyo

Being the most populous city in the world with over 37 million residents and having 12 internationally ranked universities, Tokyo is one of the most attractive cities for international students. Also, tokyo offers a cozy environment for students, clean and provides a high spirit of learning.

Besides, between the highways, bustling city streets, and vibrant local culture, studying in Tokyo is guaranteed to be an unique experience for you. Some of the world’s best universities are also located in the city, like : University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, ect. 


5. Seoul 

The capital of South Korea has an impressive range of institutions and programs for international students to choose from. Seoul has various universities that rank among the world’s best, such as : Seoul National University, Korea University, Yonsei University, and Hanyang University. South Korea provides non-boring city experiences such as night markets, the night atmosphere in cafes, riverfront meadows, ect.


Those are the 5 cities in the world with many Indonesian students. After reading this, can’t wait to be one of them? Keep calm, just take your time to choose your city! 

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