Learning Activities and Research Opportunities: A Sneak Peek into the World of Actuarial Science


Actuarial Science

Department is one of the majors currently in great demand and is a target for new university student candidates.

Actuarial science is the knowledge used to calculate and analyze various risks of uncertainty that may happen in the future This major still sounds unfamiliar to the public, especially Indonesia, because this major is relatively new and is offered by only a few universities.

The fields of study in this major are related to mathematics and statistics used to analyze financial and insurance risks.

Actuarial science is also related to the fields of finance, investment, and risk management. Here are some of the main topics studied in the Actuarial Science major:

1. Mathematical Models: The use of mathematical models to predict financial behavior, including risk models and other mathematical models.

2. Mathematics, Financial Theory and Investment: Mathematical concepts used in the calculation of the time value of money, interest, discounts, and investment valuation, as well as understanding financial theory, diversification, investment portfolios, and investment performance evaluation.

3. Insurance and Risk Management: Understand the basics of insurance, types of insurance policies, risk measurement, and risk management in a business environment.

4. Actuarial: Understand the role of an actuary, including insurance premium calculation, risk assessment, and insurance product development.

5. Programming and Software Usage: Programming skills and use of statistical and analytical software to analyze data and develop financial models.

With its specific skills in many fields, actuaries are in high demand in companies, especially in the fields of technology and finance.

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