Are You Interested in Studying in Europe, but Still Don’t Know The Habits of Europeans? Let’s Dive into It!


Are you afraid of getting a culture shock, because Europeans are totally different from Indonesian culture? Take it easy! In this article, EduPlan will discuss what are the habits of Europeans that we should know before studying there.

  • Really love cycling 

It’s totally different from Indonesia where almost all people choose to use their private vehicles. Instead of Europeans, especially among students choosing to use their bicycle because it reduces traffic congestion and pollution, saves fuel, and is also healthy for the body. 

  • Have lunch with their families 

In the past, Europeans constantly came home for lunch with their families. But nowadays, since times have evolved, most Europeans eat lunch at restaurants, or just relax at coffee shops. 

In Southern Europe, some companies close for 2-4 hours to allow their employees to spend their breaks outside the office and will reopen in the afternoon until midnight. 

  • Rarely honk the horn

In developed countries, such as in the European region, before the driving test, people who want to get a driver’s license must pass a test on traffic signs and regulations. It is the use of horn only at certain conditions, such as when warning other drivers who are not in order or waking up other drivers when they are predicted to be involved in an accident.

Actually there are many more unique habits of Europeans, but it is not possible to discuss them all here. The more you know about European countries, the more you want to study here, right ? 

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