5 Facts about The Continent of Australia


Previously, in some of EduPlan’s article, we have talk about the United States. Now let’s move up to Australia, do you know some fascinating facts about the continent of Australia? Check the facts here! Below are some interests facts about the continent of Australia:


1. Despite being the globe’s tiniest continent, Australia is the sixth-largest nation on Earth in terms of its continent.


2. Australia is a habitat to numerous exceptional varieties of flora and fauna, such as marsupials, eucalyptus trees, koalas and kangaroos.



3. As the sun in Australia is one of the world’s most strong, it’s important to apply sunscreen whenever you’re outside.



4. The continent boasts some of the biggest arid regions worldwide, including the Simpson, Tanami, and Gibson deserts.



5. The Great Barrier Reef, situated off the northeast coast of Australia, is the world’s most extensive coral reef and is considered one of the finest locations for scuba diving globally.


Well, above are 5 of the many other facts of the continent in Australia, stay tuned for the next EduPlan’s Article! If you have plans to study in Australia, you can read the latest of EduPlan’s article : Top 5 Universities in Australia 2023

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