College vs University. What is the Difference ?


Studies abroad have various terms that are different from Indonesia. One of them is the meaning of college and university. Although often considered the same, they actually have differ meanings.

In Indonesia, the term of college is usually used for institutes or high schools.

But abroad,


refers to an educational institution that contains a smaller student population, with a more limited campus area.

It offers diploma studies, up to D-4 (undergraduate) level, and the majors are usually few and specialized in one field only.

The period in college is also short, since you can graduate only by taking 2 years or 4 years maximum. Besides that, if students want to switch in the middle of their studies, it is possible, because college students can transfer to universities in year 2.

On the other hand,


refers to a larger institution which offers many faculties that students can choose by themselves. Also, they offer several levels of studies, starting from : undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate.

Universities are more focused on conducting research studies. This is supported by complete laboratories and other support facilities to do research projects.

Meanwhile, universities have more varied fields of study and levels of education than colleges. Generally, the duration of study at university is around 4-5 years. However, there are fast-track programs that are currently popular and only require a maximum of 2 years of study.

The difference between the two of them can be seen from the level. The university level is higher because it provides more programs. Meanwhile, college only refers to special programs which can stand alone.

Now, you know more about the difference between university and college. You can learn more about being an international student at the university or college of your dreams.

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