A Good Motivation Letter, How to Write It? Check It Out!


A motivation letter is an essay with format A4 long, that students attach to other documents when entering a higher education institution or a way to explain why you would be a good fit for the university you are applying for. It’s an opportunity for students to describe themselves in a personal way.

Besides, it aims to explain the reasons, interests, goals, and plans that will be done
in the future when you decide to study overseas.

Therefore, it is important to make it as good and honest as possible. But, how to write the best motivation letter? and why is it so important?

Before you write your motivation letter, make sure that you start writing it early and have
enough time to complete it, before sending it to university.

Remember, writing an essay won’t be done in a day, so you must write carefully. Don’t forget to investigate the university and program you want to study, as the research will help you to shape your letter.

A motivation Letter Structure basically consists of 4 parts, namely : title, Introduction, Body and the last part is conclusion. The whole content of the motivation letter can be written in 3 – 4 paragraphs.

This structure is made so that your letter looks interesting to read, with the right size and not excessive. You can arrange your motivation letter by following these steps :

Step 1 : Basic Information
In the opening part of the first paragraph, you can start with a friendly greeting, try to make a good introduction, not sound cliche which many people are used to, so the reader can be interested in reading your motivation letter.

Then, write your basic information, such as full name, school or university origin, and major.

Step 2 : Educational Background
Tell us about your educational background. Motivation letters are generally used in the field of education, so a good background of your letter will affect the selection process.

In addition, you can also write your experiences and achievements during school or work to convince the recruiter by seeing your background.

Step 3 : a Good Reasons for Applying in University
Explain why you are applying to the university or college, it is better if your reasons relate to your school or work experiences and achievements. Give clear and straightforward reasons and be honest, so that the recruiter can see your strong interest and reasons.

Moreover, describe what courses you are interested in, that you are attracted to join and learn about.

Step 4 : Strengths and Weaknesses, also the Future Plans
To brace the reasons above, you can tell about your strengths and weaknesses, including what you have done to improve your weaknesses, but include the reasons why you are still better than other candidates despite your weaknesses.

Besides, highlight your strengths, and show the reason why you deserve to be accepted to the university. Further, explain your future plans, because some recruiters want to know your potential if you are selected, so what future plans affect the selection results.

Step 5 : A Conclusion
To summarize what you have written in your motivation letter, you can write in the last paragraph as a conclusion. Here, you can emphasize the important points, also you can add a few sentences to make your motivation letter look perfect.

Note : After writing, you should repeatedly read your motivation letter to minimize the mistakes, also if there are any mistakes, you can still fix it.

Here are several tips and tricks to guide you to write a good motivation letter, then you can
immediately send the motivation letter to the university mail. Good Luck!

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