Exploring Content Ideas for Students While Studying Abroad


Being an international student, you have be able to take the opportunity and try new things. Certainly, you can try from the easiest things and involve your daily activities.

One idea is to create content that involves your daily activities. Making content can increase your public speaking skills, also your confidence will be improved, as you required to speak in front of the camera. The content can also be a memory while you are studying, which you can see anytime.

There are some types of content that are usually created by students, while they spend their spare time studying:


1. A Day In My Life

You can create content about your daily life, from wake up, eat, go to campus, until your activities during a day as a student. This content can motivate many people or especially other students, so they can follow your journey.


2. Tips & Trick 

Nowadays, there are many contents that discuss tips and tricks about student life, so that you can create content that discusses how you can get the campus you are interested in, or tips & tricks for getting a scholarship, there are many types of tips and tricks that can be discussed, you can be adjusted based on your interests.


3. Language Learning

As a student studying abroad, you can share your new skills with your audience. By sharing the knowledge of a foreign language with them through videos or content that you created. Creating content on language learning can be as interesting as your ideas, so that the audience can be interested and motivated to learn a foreign language.


4. Interviewing People Randomly

If you like to meet new people, then you can create content with random people that you pick. Starting a conversation with a stranger isn’t easy, but if you’re confident, you’ll get used to it. You can ask them questions about their major, the cost of living per month, or their reasons for choosing the campus.


5. Explore City

While you’re studying abroad, use your time to explore around the area. Try some local food, explore the city or visit cafes that can be recommended as places to study. While you are exploring these things, you can capture the moment by making a video. Your video can be a guide for people who will travel to your city or area.


Here are 5 recommended content ideas for you. Since you’re in college and while you’re still young, you better make the most of every moment and opportunity you have. Being consistent in starting something will definitely bring good results. Good Luck!

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