Is The Universities Grading System In The US, Same As Indonesia? Find Out The Answer Here!


Time flies so fast, registration to study in the USA opens in August 2023, and several scholarships are also open for all those interested and interested.

For those of you who want to study in the US, this is the grading system that is often used in various universities in the US

The grading system in the United States often uses the GPA (Grade Point Average) calculation system to calculate students’ academic performance.

GPA is the average grade earned by students in each course taken, and can be used as a measure of a student’s overall academic performance. The GPA scale in the United States ranges from 0-4.0, with 4.0 representing the highest average grade that can be achieved.

The grading system at universities in the United States also uses a letter grading system, as follows:

A: 4.0 (very good)
B: 3.0-3.9 (good)
C: 2.0-2.9 (fair)
D: 1.0-1.9 (unsatisfactory, but passing)
F: 0.0-0.9 (fail)

There are some universities use a letter grading system with plus or minus (+/-) as a variant of the basic grade awarded.

Besides the letter grading system, some universities also use different grading systems such as pass/fail, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, or graded/non-graded.

In general, the grading system in the United States varies widely between universities and courses, and students should understand the grading practices and standards of their universities.

So, you have to pay attention for that, Good Luck!

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