5 Ideal Side Job for Student While in College


While in college, you can take a job while studying, although not taking a full-time job, but nowadays there are many jobs that offer high salaries with flexible working hours. It’s perfect for those of you who want to have an additional income, learn new things and improve your skills. Here are 5 jobs that many students do while studying:



A copywriter is someone who works on creating text for advertisements and other publications. The daily work of a copywriter is to create creative content in the form of writing. These writings must be able to attract others to do actions, such as buying goods or services.

Copywriter is a term for people who work in marketing agencies, advertisements, organizations, governments, and also companies that have the task of being able to invite and persuade consumers through content to want to use and buy products either goods or services offered.


2.Video Editor

As the name video editor means, this work is doing edits on a film and video recording to create a coherent and complete video clip or movie that accurately depicts what is actually happening.

This job can be done on the sidelines when you are on a college break or during free time on the weekend. You don’t need to meet directly with clients, except this job requires high communication and responsibility from both sides (service sellers and clients).


3. Content Creator

This job is very popular nowadays, especially for young generation as a platform to earn an extra income or just to spend their spare time. Content Creator is a person who creates content, whether in the form of writing, images, audio, or video.

The results will then be displayed on social media platforms based on their purpose, such as websites, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and others. The material is usually adjusted to the audience’s wants or interests.


4. Social Media Specialist

A social media specialist is required to be able to complete several jobs from creating a content plan, placing different content for different social media, choosing the right visuals, words and hashtags, to scheduling the publication time so that the content can reach the largest possible target and effectively make the desired impact.

The social media specialist’s daily work is to coordinate with the digital marketing team to determine the right social media strategy. Soon, this job will work together with content creators or influencers to build public image and popularity.


5. Ghost Writer

A ghost writer is someone who is hired by a company or individual to write their content. Usually, ghost writers are hired to create articles and books. But it can also be to help someone express ideas, perspectives, arguments, and more.

However, the ghost writer cannot put his name on the writing, the company is also free to change, replace, publish, or sell the ghost writer’s work for the benefit of the company.


Those are 5 jobs that you can try while you’re still in college. You can get some work experience before going into the professional job after finishing college. Additionally, you’ll be able to manage your time between doing your assignments and being responsible for your work. Good Luck!

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