5 Books Students Should Read: Inspiration, Self-Development, and New Insights


Have you read a book today?

Don’t forget to take 10-20 minutes a day to read a book! In the previous edition of this article, we’ve discussed the benefits and importance of reading books. If you haven’t read yet, you can read now.

In this article we will focus more on students so that their knowledge will increase. Books consist of 2 types, fiction and non-fiction. Here, we have summarized 5 non-fiction book titles that are suitable for college students to read:


1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book presents two different perspectives on becoming rich: that of the poor dad and that of the rich dad. The author provides motivation and practical ways to overcome financial problems.


2. Atomic Habits

This book shares some of the hidden or even trivial habits that can make a big difference in changing the bad habits we live by. The author also reveals that there is a trick that can make us address the nature of cultivating forgotten habits, and shows us the “two-minute” trick to get into the “goldilocks” zone.


3. How to Win Friends and Influence People 

This book is about the concept of how we relate to others and can influence them in an effective way. Also, it will teach you how to make a good first impression when dealing with others and how to disagree with something effectively.


4. Sapiens 

This book provides us with new insight into the brief history of Sapiens or our species, the human race, from its origins until now. The term “brief” is explained in the context of evolution, which counts thousands, millions and billions of years.


5. The Psychology of Money

This book illustrates that a person’s psychology has a big influence on their financial condition. There are 19 short stories that tell about the unique ways people think about money. All the stories are true stories depicted from the perspective of two people with different backgrounds, namely Ronald James Read and Richard Fuscone.


Those are 5 recommended books that you can read. In addition to providing knowledge, the books above can also provide your knowledge about different perspectives and ways of thinking.

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