Towards a Brilliant Career: Tips to Increase Potential as a Prospective


Did you know that finding a job nowadays is not easy, that’s due to the increasing global competition among applicants and the fact that many fresh graduates who are seeking a job seem to have great qualities and attractiveness. So what can you do to become one of those qualified candidates?

1. Build Soft Skills

Besides academic skills, it is important to improve your soft skills, such as: building creativity, managing teamwork, developing leadership skills, adapting to new environment, and having the ability to deal with problems and new things.

Currently, many companies consider their job candidates not based on their grades in college, or their academic intelligence, but based on how they interact in the workplace.

2. Create a good portfolio

It reflects your skills and achievements. Also, it can help you to summarize yourself in a piece of paper that HRD can view and consider. So build your portfolio as good and complete as possible, so that your portfolio is interesting to be seen.

3. Gain more experience

The more work experiences you build up, the more your value will be increased. While studying, try to participate in internships, part-time jobs, or work as a volunteer that is relevant to your major, as well as being a teaching assistant. You can also learn about how to fail and interact in the working field. The experience you get can also support the contents of your CV.

4. Improving Your Communication Skills

In fact, communication skills are one of the most important criteria in accepting job applicants. As soon as possible, take your time to train your oral communication skills. There are many ways to improve it, it can be by joining webinars, specialist training, by watching videos from YouTube or websites.

Find out about negotiation, presentation, and teamwork communication skills. Because communication is an important element in the work place. An employee must be capable of listening properly, speaking clearly, and expressing their ideas effectively.

5. Find Your Mentor

Find a mentor who has experience in your area, so that they can share their experience, insights and guidance, for your future career development. Mentors can also give advice, and help in case you have any difficulties in the workplace.

So those are 5 guidelines that you can try to adopt, if you are at the end of college or even going to be a candidate for employment. Always strive to improve yourself! See you in the next edition of EduPlan’s article.

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