What is Dopamine Detox? Did Your Body Feel It? Read More on This Article

What’s The Meaning ?

Dopamine detox is one of the ways made popular by Dr. Cameron Sepah to resolve many types of addictive behaviors. This method is done by reducing everything that triggers excess dopamine intake in the brain. One of the contributors to excess dopamine is doing things you love more, such as playing cell phones, eating, and even shopping.

These activities, both productive and unproductive, can actually produce dopamine. However, the higher levels of dopamine produced from playing social media, can reduce your concentration and focus. As a result, you become lazier to do other more activities because it only produces mild dopamine.

What’s The Characteristic?

Some addictive behaviors classified by Dr. Cameron Sepah, there are six things that prove your body goes through a dopamine detox :

1. Emotional eating

2. Excessive internet usage and gaming

3. Gambling and shopping

5. Thrill and novelty seeking

6. Recreational drugs

7. Routinely listen to music

How To Overcome?

1. By not doing any activities that bring you fun, even boring activities will become fun because your brain starts to like that kind of boring activities.

2. Avoids being involved in any activity that you enjoy (for ex: playing your phone all the time, scrolling social media, listening to music, or doing any hobbies). You can help yourself by remove or hide some things that trigger your addiction, such as snacks, electronics, cigarette, etc.

3. If you still difficult to do it every day, you can start to stop the fun activity for one day every week, so your brain’s focus will eventually return to other more productive activities. Once you get use to it, you can increase the duration of the dopamine detox to a full day every weekend to a full week every year.

4. To optimize your mindfulness during the dopamine detox, you can do meditate regularly to calm and relax your mind.

What’s The Benefit?

Doing dopamine detox regularly can increase self-awareness in doing things so as not to be overdoing it which can cause addiction and disturb health. It’s known to make a person more focused and less affected by excessive dopamine increases that cause dependence to affect emotional conditions.

In addition, when you’re not doing a several activities that stimulate the dopamine hormone, the brain will also have time to rest so that can function optimally.

Do you feel some of the symptoms above? If you think so, you can start to do a Dopamine Detox. Let’s fix your body to increase your productivity day !

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