An Effort Won’t Betray The Results: Nadine Lee, Harvard University’s Youngest Graduate Doctor


You may be familiar with the name of Nadine Lee, a woman who recently made a lot of people amazed by her. Starting from her role in one of the Korean reality shows that runs on Netflix “Single Inferno”, made Nadine known by many people.

She is a young woman who grew up in a small village. Nadine was the second of four children in her family. Although she came from an ordinary background, Nadine always had a big dream of being a doctor.

In short, Nadine was successful in being accepted for a scholarship at Harvard University. However, her journey at Harvard was not an easy one. Nadine had to work hard to adapt to a new situation that was very different from her village.

By the time Nadine was in her third year at Harvard, her work began to gain attention. She started to participate in important researches that were recognized in the medical world. Her inspiring results and passion for making a positive impact on the public became recognized by people.

From Nadine, we learn that if we try, there must be results that never betray every human effort. Also, Nadine can prove that a person’s background has no impact on his or her future.

Well, what are you waiting for, then follow Nadine’s steps and create your own success journey!

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