Crafting Careers: Study in Woosong University, Daejeon, South Korea


Woosong University, is one of the universities in South Korea known for its focus on industry-oriented programs. The university has 10+ English taught academic programs many of which are in one of our three 3 international colleges and schools. These programs cover different levels of education starting from undergraduate to postgraduate programs.

There are some well-known faculties and schools at Woosong University, such as: Sol International School, The Tourism and Hospitality Management, The International Hotel Management, and The Culinary Arts.

In order to ensure that graduates are ready to work and contribute to the job market, the university tries to coordinate the curriculum with the industrial needs.

Woosong University has signed more than 400 Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with universities and schools in more than 60 countries. Collaborative programs include student and faculty exchange programs, joint research, dual degrees, study abroad, and other programs.

As the city where the campus is located, Daejeon, is famous as a center for technological research and development, this location makes it easy for students to be involved in practical experience and internships in the industry.

Woosong University is also active in promoting a dynamic campus life and facilitating various student activities. There are various sports and social organizations and clubs where students are able to participate in activities on campus.

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