5 Countries with Affordable Tuition Fees Based on EduPlan Version



As a developed country that prioritizes education, Germany has a variety of free tuition programs. Germany is indeed famous as a country that has produced genius scientists, so that many are interested in studying in this developed country. Moreover, Germany is known for its quality education and world-class universities.

Free tuition fees are indeed very profitable and it takes hard work and luck to get them. This free tuition fee has even been enforced since 2014 until now, many universities that not charge tuition fees are mostly public universities.

The cost of studying in Germany is also relatively cheap. In fact, Berlin ranks 120th, making it one of the lowest costs of living in Europe country.




The Netherlands has long been a popular destination for international students who want to study to further their education abroad. There are many reasons to study and further your education in the Netherlands. One of them is that the country has a very supportive and inclusive academic environment during university.

The Netherlands is also known as one of the cheapest countries in Europe. The highest cost of living in the Netherlands is in the city of Amsterdam. So you should move to another city, if you want the cost of living is not too high.

Estimated tuition fees in the Netherlands:

  • Bachelor’s degree (S1): IDR 106 million-IDR 250 million per academic year. (€6,500-€15,500)
  • Master/Master (S2): IDR 140 Million – IDR 330 Million per academic year. (€8,500-€20,500)

3. Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur was listed as The Most Affordable Student City by QS Best Student Cities in 2018. With costs starting from IDR 9 million per semester, you can already pursue your education in the city of Petronas.

In addition, out of an affordable study and living costs, another advantage is the use of English as the language of daily classes and activities, which will certainly provide more value for students. This is evidenced by the presence of over 170,000 foreign students in Malaysia.

Most universities in Malaysia have also adopted the distance learning system. This is beneficial for those of you who don’t want to be away from your family, but still want to get an overseas diploma.




France is a popular destination for a wide range of students, given its diverse programs, affordable education, and culture and history. Despite the high cost of living, tuition fees are very affordable, both for European and non-European students. Tuition fees at French public higher education institutions are low because the government pays part of the tuition fees for students. The actual cost of study in france, at least €10 000 per year.

Various French scholarships are available for students who want to studies in France, provided by the French government. Also, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers a wide variety of scholarships in collaboration with many European organizations and programs. In addition, the Ministry of Higher Education awards scholarships based on certain criteria that you must required.



Studying in Taiwan offers an ideal combination of affordable costs, high quality education, diverse cultural experiences, and a multicultural academic environment. The country ranks 4th for the best education system in Asia. Taiwanese universities offer high-quality education with a focus on research and innovation.

You will get an experience of unique learning systeme. Also, the country is a popular study destination for international students, many Indonesian students came to Taiwan for pursue their higher education.

Modern campuses and government support make Taiwan an ideal place to study. Average tuition fees in Taiwan range from NT$100,000 to NT$200,000 per year, depending on the course taken. Some universities also offer scholarships for international students.


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