Holiday Working Visa: Which Countries Have Implemented HWV?


What Is HWV?

The term WHV may still be unfamiliar to some people. Working Holiday Visa turns out to be a bridge to the dream of working abroad. Working Holiday Visa is a special visa for Indonesian youth who want to work and vacation in Australia. Holders of this visa can experience life in Australia, either for work or vacation. It provides broad access for holders to experience life as an Australian.

In general, visas have a short period of time and no access to employment. While WHV provides the opportunity to live in Australia for a long period of time. Not only that, but the holder is also easier to get a job in Australia.

Benefits of Working Holiday Visa

1. Life Experience

One of the main benefits of WHV is the opportunity to live life in another country. The opportunity to engage in daily interactions with locals, explore iconic tourist attractions, and experience daily life.

2. Career and Education Opportunities

Getting a WHV is not just about taking a vacation; it also gives you the opportunity to boost your career and education. Many WHV visa holders make use of their time in the destination country to attend educational courses or specialized training that can enhance skills.

3. Vacation Without Time Restrictions

One of the advantages of WHV is the flexibility of time, where you can feel the freedom to explore the country without rushing. This can be a moment to explore the places that Australia is famous for. In addition, there is also an opportunity to stay longer in Australia.

Who Can Get WHV ?

1. Citizenship with Age Limit

WHV Indonesia itself sets the criteria for Indonesian citizens of productive age to be able to enroll in this program. Participants must be at least between 18 to 35 years old when registering. This age limit is certainly an important point and do not register if you exceed this age.

2. People with English Language Proficiency

After explaining about what WHV is, it can certainly be seen that this program aims to provide access to a long stay in the Kangaroo country. Therefore, it also requires an IELTS requirement to ensure participants can establish good communication while there.


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