Exploring Campus Life at Aarhus University Denmark


Aarhus University was founded in 1928 as the second university in Denmark. The university is now one of the top universities in Denmark, with the ranks among the top 100 and 150 universities in the world, and is among the top 25 universities in Europe. Aarhus Univ also known for having several campus locations with elegant neoclassical style architecture.

Arhus Univ is located in the city of Aarhus which is the second largest city in Denmark. This provides students with a friendly urban environment and a rich cultural life. Students in Aarhus can also enjoy easy access to the city’s many activities and cultural facilities.

Aarhus Univ is more focused on developing critical skills, creativity, and independent thinking, which the campus is known for its excellent research centers and its contribution to scientific research. This includes many collaborations with industry and international research institutions. They have a strong tradition of multidisciplinary research for instance in one of our 42 major research centers.

As an international university, the campus offers most of their courses in English, with the purpose of easier participation from international students. However, Danish language programs are also available for those who are looking to learn more about the local language.

For your addition information, Denmark offers an attractive green card scheme the green card residence permit granted to international university students in Denmark is valid for an additional six months after completion of the degree, which gives graduates time to look for work in Denmark.

Campus life in Aarhus supports students’ experiences outside the classroom, which provides a lot of opportunities for students to be involved in international exchanges as it has an excellent network of cooperation with many university and research institute around the world.

Also for living vibes, Denmark is widely cited as one of the world’s most liveable places for a variety of reasons. It has the world’s highest level of income equality, according to the OECD.

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