5 Best Destinations in Leeuwarden, Friesland: Seeing Many Cultural and Natural Traces


1. Fries Museum

Fries Museum is an art and culture museum located in the city of Leeuwarden, the capital of the Dutch province of Friesland. The museum has a collection which focuses on various types of artifacts and artworks covering the cultural history of the city of Friesland, such as: paintings, sculptures, furniture, textiles, and a lot more, that makes this museum one of the most important cultural attractions in Friesland.

The Museum offers a wide range of visitors educational programs and activities, such as: museum tours, art exhibitions, art-making demonstrations, and performances of various other cultural activities.


2. De Oldehove 

De Oldehove is one of the recommended destinations for tourists in Leeuwarden. This leaning bell tower is one of Leeuwarden’s icons and one of the city’s most important historical monuments.

The main characteristic of De Oldehove tower is its slope. The tower tilts about 1.76 meters (about 5.77 feet) from its typical vertical position. You can visit De Oldehove and climb to the top to experience a breathtaking view of Leeuwarden. On the way up, you will pass through various levels and be able to see the inside of the tower as well as historical information related to the tower.


3. Groene Ster Leeuwarden

The name “Groene Ster” literally means “Green Star”” in the Netherlands. This area is a popular destination in Leeuwarden for many outdoor and sporty activities, often visited by locals and tourists as well.

A large park of more than 400 hectares, it includes forests, lakes, grassy areas, and provides hiking trails. The park also has a number of lakes and waterways that are suitable for swimming, canoeing, and other water sports. Furthermore, Groene Star park is often used for many events and concerts, include music festivals and community events.


4. Venetian Gondola Tours Leeuwarden

During your Venetian Gondola Tour, you will be taken for a ride along the beautiful canals of Leeuwarden. What a romantic and relaxing way to explore the city, while enjoying the view of the classic buildings and bridges that cross the canals.

Although the actual Venetian gondolas are in Venice, Italy, Venetian Gondola Tours in Leeuwarden provide an opportunity to experience a small part of the Italian atmosphere in the middle of the Netherlands.

As you cruise the waters around the city of Leeuwarden, you will be guided by an experienced gondolier who will tell you the history and interesting stories of the city. At times, they will also sing or play guitar to lighten up the atmosphere.


5. Blokhuispoort

The Blokhuispoort building is one of Leeuwarden’s classic architectural features: solid red brick walls and a round tower.

Currently, the Blokhuispoort is a cultural arts center with a lot of visitors. It is used for many art events, exhibitions, concerts, performances, and art workshops. There are numerous artists, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs who also work in the building.

Another popular tourist attraction located in the Blokhuispoort building is the Gevangenismuseum/Prison Museum. It covers the history of Friesland’s prisons and justice system. The museum features many interesting exhibits about prisoner life and the courts.


These are 5 popular destinations where you can visit while studying or visiting Leeuwarden. Let’s enjoy the beauty of nature and the popular tourist attractions!

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