NHL Stenden: One of The Best Applied Science University in Netherlands


NHL Stenden,

is one of the best applied science universities in the Netherlands. The campus is located in the northern Dutch city of Leeuwarden.

The campus provides an innovative education concept, why is it so? Because every student will be required to work in teams to complete a project from the lecturer. Wait, before continuing about NHL Stenden, did you know that the university system in Europe is categorized into two types?

Research University and Applied Science University. The difference is that a research university focuses more on scientific research and the development of new knowledge, while an applied science university focuses more on the practice of knowledge, which means that you will be directly put to work.

Next, discuss about your future career, just take it easy! NHL has a global network of partners with many companies. So, you are guaranteed to get a job offer or internship opportunity as soon as possible.

Additionally, when it comes to tuition fees at NHL, they are lower than others, and you can also get student benefits, such as special rates for house or dormitory rent.

So? How about NHL Stenden? Make the best decision for you!

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