Gap Year? To Know The Definition, History and What It Takes.


The Definition of Gap Year

Gap year is a term used to describe the period of time one takes between finishing high school or higher studies and starting further studies or entering the workforce. The norm is one year and the maximum is two years.

However, a gap year can also happen to workers where they have an empty period of time with no work experience between one experience to another.

The purpose of a gap year varies between individuals. Some people use it to gain work or volunteer experience that can improve their skills, while others choose to explore the world and gain greater cultural insight.

For some, a gap year can also be a time to reflect, set personal goals, or determine a desired career path. Some of the benefits often associated with taking a gap year include the development of interpersonal skills, a better understanding of oneself and the world, as well as the opportunity to avoid academic burnout that may come after completing higher education.

The history of The Gap Year,

concept stems from the tradition of German youth before World War I. At that time, they decided to take a break from school to travel around Europe as a process of maturation and self-discovery. At that time, they decided to take a break from school to travel around Europe as a process of maturation and self-discovery.

Eventually, the gap year concept spread throughout the world, from Asia, Europe, America, to Africa. In Indonesia, choosing to take a gap year is still considered unnatural, but many have decided to do so.

The decision to choose a gap year is indeed very varied. There are many factors that require students to finally take a gap year. Although a gap year is considered a negative thing, there are several benefits that can be obtained if you can spend it well.

  • Get to know and understand yourself better. You can take a moment to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and get to know yourself better, such as what you want to do, things which make you happy, etc. Sports, traveling, or anything else that can boost your positive energy.
  • Thinking about future life plans. A gap year gives you more time to think about either studying further (university) or getting into the full-time job. You can think about if you really decide for yourself, without being influenced by anyone else.
  • Improve your skills. You can even take the opportunity to improve yourself by learning new skills. For example, you can join online courses on digital marketing, graphic design, video editing, writing, new language, etc. These skills are very useful for you to put on your CV and are often looked for in the world of work. This can also increase your value.

So, Above is a brief explanation of the gap year and some of the activities you can do during this period. Keep in mind that a gap year is based on personal decision. There are both pro and con opinions about this term. You should think carefully before making the decision to take a gap year.

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