Challenges & Tips: Fasting Abroad


Fasting during Ramadan is an obligation for every Muslim who is eligible and able to practice it. The fasting period is from dawn to sunset. However, some countries have a longer fasting period because they experience longer daylight hours, especially during the summer.

Especially for international students who experienced do the fasting during summer while studying, is always be the precious and unforgettable experience for them. Mixed feelings between missing your family at home, also the challenge of fasting in the heat and long days, plus the excitement of being able to experience the fasting and culture of Ramadan in an unusual place.

Here, 5 Tips for you to do your fasting abroad


1.Healthy and Nutritious Food

Complex carbohydrates that are rich in fiber are proven to make us feel full longer. This is because they help release energy slowly. If you’re too lazy to cook or heat up food, try a simple sandwich consisting of whole meal bread and thick peanut butter.

2. Dehydration-Busting Drinks

According to some researchers, milk has the right composition of sodium, carbohydrates and protein, so it can help the body retain fluids longer. Apart from that, you can also drink coconut water, which is rich in minerals. Don’t forget to always drink enough water. The important thing is not to get dehydrated during your fasting!

3. Normalizes Body Temperature

When your body start feeling hot and sultry, or when you’ve had a long day, try to soak a cloth in cold water or some of ice cubes, then placing it around your neck. This can help reduce the heat coming out of your body. It’s danger if your body temperature is too hot, it will cause dehydration.

4. Protect Your Head

Protect your head during outdoor activities. If your head is directly exposed to the sun during fasting and your body is not fit, you can get a headache, dizziness, and fall unconscious.

5. Set a reminder

In fact, we don’t even know the time for Sahur and Iftar, because everything follows the local time and we have to adjust to the culture of the country we live in. Therefore, we have to take our responsibility by set an alarm for the specific time especially on our Sahur time.


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