Letter Of Acceptance (LoA). How Important is LoA for Us? Read Here: Definition, Types, and Purposes


The Definition of LoA

A letter of acceptance is an official letter that a person has been accepted to be part of an organization, institution or other community. An LoA is officially released by an institution or organization. It can apply to a variety of situations, such as university admission, job offers, or acceptance into a specific program.

But, in this article, we will discuss focuses on LoA for students. It means, LoA is a letter from the university that informed the applicant has been accepted to the university. This letter is usually sent to prospective students by mail. An accepted applicants usually receive an acceptance notification within 1-5 months of the application deadline.

Two Types Of LoA

A Conditional LoA

is a statement that you have been accepted to a university with certain requirements. This means that the candidate has not been fully declared accepted because they have not fulfilled some of the specified requirements, for example: TOEFL/IELTS has not met the required score, has not submitted a research theme/research, has not submitted documents for univ registration requirements.

An Unconditional LoA

is a statement that has been accepted at university without conditions. This means that candidates only need to do re-register. Also, the information contained in this type of LoA, includes:

– Study program that accepts prospective students
– Study period
– Re-enrollment information

How To Get a LoA?

1.Do research on the destination university

– What requirements are needed to follow the selection process

– Check the new student registration schedule regularly

– Check the list of documents that need to be prepared, such as: diplomas, certificates and some transcripts score

– Selection process that must be passed: a scheduled test, motivation letter/portfolio, attend interview/screening time

2. Complete the required documents and submit according to the deadline.

If you are planning to apply to a foreign university, don’t forget to translate these documents into the language of the university or country you are applying to. Also, make sure the documents are translated by a licensed or official translator. When the documents are prepared, you can immediately send them according to the schedule set by the university.

3. Follow the selection process according to the specified procedures and time

Some universities may ask you to participate in a selection process, such as an interview. You must follow the selection procedure provided so that the university can assess whether you meet the required qualifications.


Well, that’s a brief explanation of Letter of Acceptance (LoA), have you understood yet? Stay tuned for the next article!  If you still confused and have a question about LoA or others, you can contact us by visiting our instagram. You can get a free consultation through +62 812-1268-6969 or come directly to Head Office of Eduplan Indonesia

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