HZ University of Applied Sciences

HZ is home base in Vlissingen, a tourist and student city in the southwest part of the Netherlands and right on the Dutch coast. The city is located between Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris. Therefore a study at HZ will give you both the personal, homely atmosphere and window of opportunity to explore the rest of the Netherlands and our neighboring countries.

For the past five years, HZ has been among the top three of Dutch multidisciplinary universities of applied sciences. Of course, we are proud with these results but it also spurs us on to stay at the top and provide the highest quality education and research possible. One of the spearhead of HZ is the close cooperation with the business world, research centers and partner universities

HZ is stands for Hogeschool Zeeland and it’s located in Zeeland province. Zeeland literally means ‘sea and land’ and that’s what it is: a delta area consisting of islands and sea arms, interconnected by dams, bridges and tunnels, a unique ecologically rich area, flat as a pancake which makes cycling a piece of cake. In Zeeland, you will also find picturesque tourist towns and a rich cultural and historical heritage.

The city of Vlissingen is a friendly tourist and student town with the perfect size and ambiance to have a great student time. The student will get to know both locals and (international) students as you explore this medium-sized town with some 45,000 inhabitants. Eye-catching is its scenic promenade called the ‘Boulevard’. Strolling around or sitting down at one of the many pavement cafés and restaurants gives you the idea you are on a permanent holiday.

Bachelor programs at HZ University of Applied Sciences:

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