Southern Cross University

Community focus

Working closely with communities, locally and abroad, we create a positive cycle of learning and innovation. The more we collaborate, the greater value we deliver to our staff, students, industry and the broader community. From our response to the local flood crisis to the role of our alumni across the globe, we see problems as possibilities. By embracing challenges we’re invested in solving real-world problems with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Transforming Tomorrow

Creating a brighter future requires a fresh approach. At Southern Cross, we challenged ourselves to rethink traditional learning and create something fit for a rapidly changing world. The result, the Southern Cross Model. Our students now engage in shorter, six-week unit structures designed around immersive and interactive learning experiences. The shorter unit structure gives students a greater sense of momentum as they achieve milestones quickly, resulting in increased student success rates, course and teacher satisfaction. By joining Southern Cross, you are part of a better way to learn.

Research with real impact

At Southern Cross University, our research focuses on protecting and enhancing the future. From ocean and marine health to support for our young people to the next generation of agriculture, serving our local regions is at the core of our research agenda that at the same time delivers a global impact. Our researchers excel in a multitude of settings, but it’s how that work translates into better teaching that ensures we can all play a part in transforming tomorrow. Tackling the world’s wicked problems requires collaboration and dedication, an approached embraced by Southern Cross University’s Research Impact Clusters that bring together the best in their fields to share and strive for solutions.

Global Recognition:

  • Times Higher Education (THE)
    • TOP 250 Physical Sciences
    • TOP 400 Psychology and Life Sciences
    • TOP 500 Social Sciences
  • QS World University Rankings
    • TOP 450 Environmental Sciences

Faculties and Colleges

  • Faculty of Business, LAW and Arts
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Health
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering/STEM
  • SCU College

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