Kristianstad University Sweden

The Kristianstad University (Swedish: Högskolan Kristianstad) is a university college (högskola) in Kristianstad, Sweden.

Established in 1977, Kristianstad University is one of the newest Swedish institutions of higher education. However, higher education in the region is much older. Teacher education can be traced back to 1835. A training course for nursing was started in 1893. Technical education was established in 1912.

Despite the young age of the institution of Business Administration the BSc programme in business administration is ranked top 3 in the country by the Swedish Council of Higher Education since 2012 (ranked 1st 2012 and 2017). A master thesis done in Stockholm School of Economics ranks Kristianstad’s programme as #2 behind the first mentioned.

Studying in Kristianstad

Studying in Kristianstad opens up a world of possibilities. Our campus is placed a short walk from the city center and just outside the doors are beautiful trails surrounded by trees, a variation of animals and delta waters.


Kristianstad has something for everyone

For the nature lover Kristianstad has a lot to offer. The coastline near Kristianstad is over four miles long and covered in white sand and shallow waters. Kristianstad is well known for its wetlands and is designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Our wetlands are a natural area for hiking or bird watching. In addition to the wetlands Kristianstad has more scenic area where you can sail, orient or try rock climbing.

Explore Kristianstads cultural scene and learn about our history

Everyone can enjoy themselves in Kristianstad. Visit some of our sports arrangements (here you can watch the best handball team in Sweden), theater, our concert hall, the art gallery or any of the city museums. Kristianstad Theater is the second largest dramatic society in Sweden and provides theater, dance and musical experiences. During the summer you can join the concerts in the city park, Tivoliparken. Are you interested in history Kristianstad is absolutely the right place for you. The ancient city was built in 1614 and many buildings from that time are still standing today.

Downtown Kristianstad

Kristianstad is crammed with shops and outdoor cafes. Among cobblestones and boulevards are good shopping options within comfortable walking distance. When you don’t feel like shopping you can always feed the birds in Tivoliparken. The city center is not very big but it is full of people, life and beautiful scenery.

Kristianstad university care about our students and their health

As a student at Kristianstad University you’ve got really good opportunities to combine studies with sport and exercise. The range is varied from rock climbing to sailing. HKIF (our own sports club) helps arrange different workouts like dancing, football or climbing. If you feel like exploring the nature while working out you can always try hiking, surfing or biking.

Discover the rest of Skåne

Kristianstad is located in Skåne, Sweden’s southernmost province. In between your study hours we recommend you to explore the rest of Skåne. Just one hour away with public transport is Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden. It’s a multicultural city who is called home by over 300,000 people. Those people are originated in 177 countries and together they speak about 150 different languages. Up northwest two hours away from Kristianstad is Helsingborg with its pottery, white beaches and view over Denmark. Helsingborg is one of Skånes most beautiful pearls.

Kristianstad in brief

To summarize Kristianstad – there are much beautiful scenery to see among a rich cultural life and an exciting history. From Kristianstad you can easily access the rest of Skåne with public transport. And the best of all, Kristianstad University will make you, as a student, feel welcome and make sure you get the most out of your time in Sweden.

Programmes and courses

Kristianstad University offers education within a wide range of subjects.


We have positioned ourselves as a university that focus on integrating theory and practice. Not only is there close connection to working life, but close relation between students and faculty. The doors of our dedicated teaching staff are always open for our students. Kristianstad University offers bachelor degree programmes, master degree programmes and a wide range of courses taught in English.


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