Jonkoping University

Jönköping University has genuinely international orientation and promotes a range of innovative initiatives to create an enriching environment for students and researchers  from all over the world. Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) is one of the most  international business schools in  Europe. JIBS has approximately 180 partner universities all over the world and more than one third of faculty and students come from outside of Sweden. As a student at JIBS, you bring your own personality and perspective to a diverse population. In return, you receive a unique experience with a global  perspective.

JIBS has an entrepreneurial focus and close cooperation with the business world. Its environment is ideal for people with the drive to explore new business ideas or find new directions within established businesses.Many JIBS students start up their own business during the course of their studies. Responsibility and sustainability are becoming increasingly important. Being a business owner or leader no longer means just making money, but also helping people. JIBS wants to be part of that development.

Three principles guide the decisions, actions and behavior of JIBS – Being international at heartentrepreneurial in mind and responsible in action.

Bachelor programmes

Master programmes

Master programmes at JU give you an opportunity to learn more about areas of high relevance to the business community and to public policy, and at the same time receive a thorough academic specialization.

Some master’s programmes last for 1 year (leading to a 60-credit master’s degree) and others last for 2 years (leading to a 120-credit master’s degree).

Among the benefits being in a 2-year programme of studies is that you are given an opportunity to study abroad at one of our partner universities in the first semester of the second year, and you receive an education that makes you better prepared to take on cutting-edge research and doctoral studies in a particular subject area.

As an alternative to studying abroad in the second year, you may participate in elective courses at JU. Some of the elective course credit may be associated with an internship for a business or government related project (if you are successful at finding such an internship with academic merit), so real life experience can be included in your education.

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