American Collegiate LA

Spend your first year at American University at UCLA Extension School in Los Angeles, CA, earning undergraduate-level credits you can apply toward a transfer to a top-ranked US university. When you come to American Collegiate, you will develop the academic and cultural skills needed to succeed at any university in America or beyond.


American Collegiate partners with top-ranked US universities to serve the unique needs of international students planning to study in the USA. Discover which initiative-transfer is the best fit for you and your goals!




Year 1 and Year 2 Credits

With a desirable Southern California location, American Collegiate Los Angeles provides a strong academic foundation with both general education and major-specific courses in partnership with UCLA Extension. Earn up to 90 transferable quarter credits from a top-20 university, then explore options to transfer to prestigious universities for your full degree.


  • UCLA Extension

As the continuing education division of UCLA, UCLA Extension partners with American Collegiate, Los Angeles to offer frist and second-year classes that prepare international students to transfer with confidence to top-ranked universities. Students who successfully complete the first-year program earn a UCLA Extension certificate in General Studies. Students enrolled in the two-year program can earn a second major-specific UCLA Extension certificate. Business fundamentals, pre-med, sustainability, app programming, and entertainment studies are among the second-year tracks available.

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